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FETISH: Cigar Smoking, Spitting, Ass Desecration, Faceslapping, Hard Ass Slapping,Tease & Denial, Uniform Fetish & much more

Officer Bitch Miss Cheyenne: Military Interrogation



You will see in this first Videoclip: Cigar Smoking Fetish in a very bitchy Style, Spitting Attacks, strict Body Observations, Anal Torture and MISS Cheyenne widening the Asshole of her helpless Slave Victim with a Cane, cruel Instruction & Verbal Humiliation, Scratching over the Back with her ultra-sharp Fingernails, Uniform Fetish, Officer MISS Cheyenne is slapping into the Face and onto the Ass of her Slave with her bare Hands – harder and harder!


 13 min.

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